Physio, LASER and Massage Therapy

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where you will find information about my practice. Learn about my areas of expertise, and how I help alleviate problems of tention, pain and discomfort. You will see some kind testimonials from my clients, and could contact me for information, help or to book an appointment via my contact page

Having experienced Silke’s professionalism first hand I can unreservedly recommend her to one and all. She really does move you to regain your health…. With sincere thanks.

DJ Walsh

Silke was very professional, good value and genuinely wanted to make me feel better unlike a lot of other Physio’s who would just treat me and tell me come back next week.

Mrs. O’Rourke


Physiotherapy does improve movement, strengthens the body, prevents injuries and helps overcome existing ones, following illness, functional injury, surgery or a fall.

Hands On

It is essential to put your Pain and stiffness into the functional behaviour of how you move and make use of your body’s soft- tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia).

LASER Helping Your Body Heal Itself

LASER enhances the Body’s inherent mechanism to repair itself, fend off harmful organisms and maintain healthy metabolism.